Posted by: audreybenenati | January 4, 2010

Landlords now required to disclose smoking rules

By Alex Paul, Albany Democrat-Herald | Posted: Thursday, December 31, 2009 11:45 pm

Beginning today, renters will be given more information to help them decide if they want to live in an apartment complex that allows tobacco smoking.

Oregon landlords will be required to disclose their smoking policies in writing to prospective and current tenants.

House Bill 2135 does not force landlords to adopt no-smoking policies, according to Frank Moore, Linn County Public Health director.

“The goal is not to have an intrusive relationship with businesses,” Moore said. “People can decide for themselves if they want to live in an environment of potential secondhand smoke.”

According to a survey of 300 renters in Oregon conducted by the organization:

  • 70 percent of Oregon renters said they would choose a smoke-free rental unit.
  • 40 percent would be willing to pay a little more rent to live in a smoke-free community.
  • 21 percent of people who live in multi-unit properties said that secondhand smoke drifted into their homes on a regular basis.
  • 76 percent believe it is OK for landlords to prohibit smoking inside rental units to protect others from secondhand smoke.

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