Posted by: audreybenenati | February 12, 2010

Tobacco industry constantly reinvents its marketing efforts, a Minnesota report points out

By Susan Perry | Published Thu, Feb 11 2010 12:29 am

They’re baaack!

The ingenious marketers with the tobacco companies, that is.

Actually, they never went away. They just quietly changed the way they do things, adjusting to increasing government restrictions and negative publicity with sometimes subtle but always clever new strategies to keep their current customers hooked on nicotine and to lure new, young customers into their fold.

Unless you’re in one of their target demographics, you may be oblivious to these marketing efforts. Have you ever met a “Cigarette Fairy” in a bar? Or heard of the “Welcome to the Brotherhood” campaign? Or seen a peach-, strawberry-, grape- or chocolate-flavored “little cigar”? Or played a video game that rewards you with imaginary cigarettes and that mocks health-warning labels?

These marketing efforts and more are described in a disturbing new report released Wednesday by ClearWay Minnesota, the nonprofit group that was funded by a small percentage of Minnesota’s 1998 tobacco settlement. Its mission is to “improve the health of Minnesotans by reducing the harm caused by tobacco.”

The report, “Unfiltered: A Revealing Look at Today’s Tobacco Industry,” is part of the organization’s new statewide campaign to shine a light on how the industry has continued to shapeshift — and thrive.

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