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‘Evil Bureaucrats Plot to Reduce Childhood Obesity’

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February 18, 2010 11:42 AM
‘Evil Bureaucrats Plot To Reduce Childhood Obesity’ »

By Elizabeth Benjamin

YouTube-savvy state Health Commissioner Richard Daines has again taken to the Internet to defend the so-called "fax tax" proposed by his boss, Gov. David Paterson.

This video is a far sight less amusing than Daines’ last Web video on this topic, which included visuals – milk, cans of soda and a large, quivering blob of fake "fat" – and was so popular that the commissioner also recorded a Spanish-language version.

In fact, the funniest part about this is the juxtaposition of the extremely bland content of the video, which features Daines and a bunch of suit-clad aides at a strategy session, with its title – "Evil Bureaucrats Plot to Reduce Childhood Obesity."

That’s a jab at the sugared beverage industry, which has accused the state of trying to tax the industry out of existence and insisting this revenue-generating effort will cost precious jobs.

Daines’ response, which comes at the 2-minute mark:

"Unless we’re going to have an epidemic of dehydration in New York, people will drink something, and the tax money we collect will go into healthcare where there’s a lot of jobs at stake at this time."

Patersonpulled the fat tax off the table last year after it became clear there was no public appetite for the measure. But that sentiment appears to have shifted.

Just today, a Q poll found widespread support – at least among city voters – if the cash goes to close the budget gap. The administration has pledged to use the revenue for healthcare and obesity-fighting efforts.

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