Posted by: audreybenenati | February 24, 2010

O’Reilly Wonders if Pitching In to Help the Uninsured and Poor is “Worth the Toll”

On last night’s (2/23/10) O’Reilly Factor/Talking Points Memo, O’Reilly must have weighed the options — hmmm, should I push the fear thing, or maybe the Americans are taxed to death thing, or, hey, there’s always the evils of income redistribution . . . no, I think I’m going with fear, with a little bit of the good old GOP "taxed to death" and "income redistribution" theme thrown in. Discussing the cost of healthcare reform — which Obama predicts will be $1 trillion over the next ten years although "some analysts" believe it could be double that — O’Reilly punted facts, and instead predicted gloom-and-doomily, "Higher taxes are coming." With video.

Not surprisingly, O’Reilly cited a right-wing "tax reform group," Americans for Tax Reform, as the source of the "fact" that President Obama’s healthcare plan will raise "$750 billion with a B" in new taxes over the next ten years. Does it surprise anybody that, according to SourceWatch, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) " . . . is ostensibly a group that pushes for lower taxes. It has close ties to the Republican Party and has frequently allied itself with the tobacco industry." In fact, part of its funding comes from R.J. Reynolds, Philip Morris and the Tobacco Institute

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