Posted by: audreybenenati | March 17, 2010

Pact Act to affect cigarette mail sales

By: Anne Lithiluxa

A bill in Washington that has already passed both the House and Senate would make it illegal to sell cigarettes through the mail. If it receives President Obama’s signature, the Pact Act could be bad news for the Seneca Nation, whose mail order cigarette business is one of their most profitable. Our Anne Lithiluxa has the story.

NEW YORK STATE – The business of selling tobacco products could be impacted by Thursday’s Senate approval of the Pact Act. It received bi-partisan support from senators like Kirsten Gillibrand. She says it protects children.

"It’s very important we do everything we can to make sure children don’t smoke. Children’s smoking is an unacceptable statistic that we need to fight against. What we found is that children are getting access to cigarettes by ordering them from over the internet," said J.C. Seneca, Seneca Nation Tribal Councilor.

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