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Big Decline in Heart Attacks If All States Had Smoking Bans: MedlinePlus

Americans would suffer 18,000 fewer attacks per year, save millions in health costs, study finds

Thursday, May 20, 2010

THURSDAY, May 20 (HealthDay News) — If all states banned smoking in restaurants, offices and other public spaces nationwide, the number of Americans suffering from heart attacks would drop by more than 18,000 within the first year, researchers report.

“Comprehensive smoking bans have been implemented in some states, but not in every state,” noted lead researcher Dr. Mouaz Al-Mallah, co-director of Cardiac Imaging Research at Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit.

Currently, 39 states have some type of public smoking bans, with 26 banning smoking in any enclosed public space, while 11 states have no bans at all.

Based on the finding, Al-Mallah said that he would “encourage all states to institute a ban on smoking in public place to protect people from secondhand smoke. Authorities should do everything possible to prevent healthy individuals from being exposed to secondhand smoke, and one of the ways is by passing such laws. ”

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