Posted by: audreybenenati | June 8, 2010

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network: What we’ve achieved

One year ago this month, thousands of ACS CAN members stood up to the tobacco industry.

Together, we’ve achieved some major victories, putting important restrictions on tobacco products and marketing.

But we can’t let up now. There are many more battles to be won this year, such as increased access to cancer screening, expanded smoke-free legislation, and boosting cancer research funding.

Congress listened to our call last year — now we must make sure they hear from us again. Please take a moment to write a letter urging your Representative to make fighting cancer a national priority:

Here’s a sample of what we’ve achieved thanks to the support of the ACS CAN community. Tobacco companies will no longer be able to:

  • Manufacture fruit and candy flavored cigarettes, which appeal primarily to children
  • Market their cigarettes as “light,” “low tar,” or “mild”
  • Sponsor sports or cultural events with specific tobacco brands

With your help we’ve made a real difference in restricting Big Tobacco marketing. But there is so much left to do before we finally prevail over cancer.

Please help send this message to Congress. It will only take a few minutes, and it can have a real impact. Speak out to your representative today:

Thank you,

Erin O’Neill



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