Posted by: audreybenenati | June 10, 2010

Act Now to Save Tobacco Control Funding in New York

We’ve Got 24 Hours to Save Tobacco Control Funding!

Is New York’s highly successful Tobacco Control Program next on the state’s chopping block?

On Thursday, June 10th, we need YOUR help to save Tobacco Control Funding!

Earlier this week, the New York State Legislature began passing cuts to health programs. But legislators have yet to decide on funding levels for New York’s highly effective Tobacco Control Program. We’ve got one last chance to save the Tobacco Control Program!

Will you help make sure smokers have the support they need to quit?

Will you help make sure all New Yorkers live in communities with strong tobacco prevention policies?

Will you help make sure kids are not bombarded with tobacco advertising?

On Thursday, June 10, tell your Assemblymember: “NO cuts to tobacco control funding!”

Talking Points:

Albany has cut more than 35% from the highly successful Tobacco Control Program over the past two years.

This means fewer resources for community and school based anti-smoking programs and a big reduction in hard-hitting anti-tobacco media ads that are proven to work.

Worst of all, New York is beginning to see an INCREASE in smoking rates, after years of steady declines.

This is no time to let up!

Don’t destroy one of THE most effective efforts to rein in rising health care costs.

New York MUST fund the Tobacco Control Program at the $63 Million level proposed by Governor Paterson.



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