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Everett bans sale of tobacco in pharmacies, drugstores – The Boston Globe

City bans tobacco sales in pharmacies

By John Laidler

Globe Correspondent / June 10, 2010

Starting next week, smokers will find it a little less convenient to pick up a pack of cigarettes in Everett.

Hoping to deliver another blow against smoking, the Board of Health on May 24 voted unanimously to ban the sale of tobacco products in pharmacies. The ban, which takes effect next Tuesday, also applies to business establishments that include pharmacies, according to Heidi Porter, Everett’s public health director.

“Pharmacies and drugstores that sell tobacco products are essentially approving of the purchase and use of tobacco. And we think that sends a mixed message to consumers who are going to these pharmacies really for health care services,’’ Porter said, of what prompted the ban. “The bottom line is that these pharmacies are health care establishments.’’..Everett bans sale of tobacco in pharmacies, drugstores – The Boston Globe.



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